Middle of Nowhere

2018 video installation
electro-Luminescent, grove water atomization, Ipod

"It stands in the second row, middle of nowhere"
The lone tree in the woods who got no place to belong. “One in four people reported to researchers that they have no one with whom they can discuss important issues, and that is three times as many people as in 1980.”

We are currently more disconnected and lonelier than ever, when technology is contributing to the increase in loneliness. Always trying hard to reconstruct the relationships with people around us, which, in the past few years I’ve suffered to bring back and failed.

It was as if a forest fire arose and burned down all the trees abruptly and a lone tree in the woods who still got no place to belong. I feel so detached and abandoned by this universe. Even when I stand in a row, but actually I’m in the middle of nowhere.